A Wireless Mobile Stand that runs on batteries

Eliminate cables; able to move from room  to room when used with NDS ZeroWire

ZeroWire Mobile Stand

ZeroWire Mobile by NDS

A medical-grade, easy-to-use, highly mobile imaging
solution, ZeroWire Mobile is the only battery-powered
display stand designed specifically for the
OR/endoscopy environment.

Improve workflow & ergonomics

  • Easily positioned within the room—when used with
    NDS ZeroWire, it has no cord or cables to limit
    its location
  • Quickly relocate from room to room throughout
    the facility
  • Reduce clutter and minimize tripping hazards
    (no cords or cables when used with NDS ZeroWire)
  • Turnaround time may be reduced without the need
    to clean and maintain cords/ cables

Hot-swap the battery with no power interruption

  • When a power module is running low, both a visual
    and audible alarm indicate the need to
  • Select a freshly charged power module from the
    ZeroWire 4-bay wall charger, the battery is easily
    “hot-swapped” with no interruption in power to
    the display



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