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VIMA – Video Image Management & Acquisition
Cost-effective, plug-and-play, integrated OR solution

VIMA combines state-of-the-art signal routing with DICOM- compatible recording & image capture capabilities, delivering an elegant integration solution for operating rooms and advanced Endo/GI procedure room applications. VIMA’s intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface allows easy management of numerous imaging sources and destinations, including the transfer of recorded video and still-image captures to a PACS system.

Supporting HDMI, SDI, and HDBaseT connectors, VIMA enables long-range uncompressed video transmission over standard CAT-6 network cabling up to 100m, while simultaneously delivering power to auxiliary devices over the same cable. VIMA can be used in concert with the ScaleOR video scaler and Radiance Ultra HDBaseT displays to facilitate conversion of any video signal to a standard HD format. Its plug-and-play architecture enables an integrated OR solution that helps simplify installation and reduce infrastructure costs.

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VIMA Video Manager

VIMA Video Manager

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